chamber & solo (instr/voc) with electronics

all scores are available on demand from the composer. selected scores can be downloaded under the particular titles. video recording of selected works (with the note „recording available“ can be found on the page „aufnahmen | recordings„.

»postkrachohrennachklangstille« (s. 1493) | „post-racket tingling quiet“ (s. 1042)
(2017) for percussion and live electronics
wp: 21/06/2018 (cologne)

ørfeus 2.0 letzte szene
(2017) for tenor, historical instruments, audio playback, and live electronics
wp: 15/09/2017 (dusseldorf)
recording available

la sabotage
(2017) for piano, electric organ, and live electronics
recording available

music for j. t. #5b: secret snares
(2016/17) for alto saxophone, trombone, accordion and playback
wp: 19/03/2017 (edmonton/canada)
ep: 30/05/2017 (berlin)
score | comment (german)

mehrfachbelichtete melodramen | multi-exposed melodramas
(2016/17) for female vocal artist, electronix and video
wp: 13/06/2017 (berlin)
scorecomment (german)
commissioned by the hamburg elbphilharmonie

watch me burn
(2015) for electric guitar, audio playback and live video with webcam

this place
(2015) for bass flute and audio/video playback
wp: 01/12/2015 (cologne)
score | recording available

die irrfahrten des odysseus | the adventures of ulysses (concert version)
for saxophone, keyboard, electric guitar, drum set, double bass and live electronix
approx. 30’00“

study with virtual instruments
for flute/bass flute/piccolo, violin, piano, virtual drum set, virtual hammond organ and electronix
wp: 18/10/2015 (kraków/poland)

der offizielle | the official
for one performer with percussion instruments, joystick, webcam, low-fidelity gadgets, light sources, live audio and live video
wp: 09/12/2014 (cologne)
score | comment (german)

and, well, with all this, i thought i was in the wrong place
for accordion, piano and electronix
wp: 25/01/2015 (cologne)
score | comment (german) | recording available

century piece
for piano, two percussionists (drums, sample pad, talk box, cassette player and objects), audio playback and live electronix
ua: 02/02/2014 (cologne)

the „[x] practicing on her*his [y] at home“ series
justin bieber practicing on his drumset at home for any percussion instrument with defined pitches and/or any percussion instrument without defined pitches | 8’00“
_ barney stinson practicing on his soprano recorder at home for one or two soprano recorders and optional audio playback | 8’00“ or more
_ sebastian wendt practicing on his e flat clarinet at home for e flat clarinet and electronix | 8’00“ | score
paul hübner practicing on his trumpet at home for trumpet and keyboard | approx. 8’00“
oriane weyl practicing on her mandolin at home for mandolin solo | approx. 30’00“

lovesong @ checkpoint charlie
for countertenor, guitar and audio playback with optional video

for soprano voice (with toy piano and mouth speaker), contrabass clarinet (with melodica) and audio playback
wp: 04/02/2012 (hanover)