chamber & solo (instr/voc) without electronics

all scores are available on demand from the composer. selected scores can be downloaded under the particular titles. video recording of selected works (with the note „recording available“) can be found on the page „aufnahmen | recordings„.

la désolation
for brass quintet
wp: 20/08/2017 (hanover)
commissioned by musik 21 niedersachsen
score with comment (german) | recording available

staged piece for two pianos with equipment
wp: 13/07/2016 (tel aviv-yafo/israel)

relaxed retro rock spots
for clarinet, cello and piano
approx. 09’00“
wp: 28/11/2014 (hamburg)

oftentimes your eyes mesmerize
for violin and accordion, each with a cassette player
approx. 8’00“
wp: 23/06/2014 (cologne)

3 neue love-popsongs
for 4 solo singers (s/a/t/b, with keyboard or melodica), piano and cassette player
approx. 12’00“
wp: 17/10/2013 (trossingen)

bigband jazz oder: wegen überfüllung der ladenkasse machen wir betriebsferien
for trombone solo

und die deren beiden erste tragisch beschatteten sätze eine thematische verwandtschaft
for piano with thunder sheet
wp: 18/01/2012 (cologne)

catalogue d’extraterrestres desespérées
for one percussionist in disguise
wp: 09/10/2011 (hanover)