ensemble without electronics

all scores are available on demand from the composer. selected scores can be downloaded under the particular titles. video recording of selected works (with the note „recording available“ can be found on the page „aufnahmen | recordings„.

kammersymphonie nr. 1 | chamber symphony no. 1
for bass flute (doubling objects), contrabass clarinet (doubling clarinet teeth tones, clarinet mouthpiece and objects), percussion, piano, electric organ (korg bx3), violin and cello (with preparation and scordatura)
approx. 11’00“
wp: 08/12/2018 (salzburg/austria)
score | recording available

sky’s the sky’s the limit
for 6 percussionists
approx. 19’00“
wp: 19/07/2014 (neuenkirchen/lunenburg heath)
score | comment (german)
commissioned by musik 21 niedersachsen

f*** trance f*** trance
for 8 saxophones
approx. 12’00“
wp: 25/06/2014 (cologne)
commissioned by romanischer sommer cologne

todtahbeiten, ferklumpn & multiplietzieren
for 9 instruments