music theatre & performance

all scores are available on demand from the composer. selected scores can be downloaded under the particular titles. video recording of selected works (with the note „recording available“ can be found on the page „aufnahmen | recordings„.

revolutions per minute
music & object theatre
by ole hübner / leander ripchinsky / niels wehr, cooperation with sarah heemann (flutes & performance) and julia mihály (voice & performance)
approx. 1:00 hour
wp: 11/01/2019 (frankfurt am main)

вепрь и рыба | boar and fish | wildschwein und fisch
music theatre piece in russian language for three similar voices, piccolo/bass flute (doubling objects), alto saxophone (doubling clarinet mouthpiece and objects), percussion, piano, violin (doubling objects) and cello (with scordatura, doubling objects)
cooperation with kira malinina (libretto) and kapitolina tcvetkova-plotnikova (mise en scène)
approx. 14’00“
wp: 08/12/2018 (moscow/russia)

future perfect
(2017) theatre performance with music by ole hübner
cooperation with jascha sommer, tanja kodlien, laura strack, wiebke strombeck, and klaas werner
wp: 15/12/2017 (mülheim/ruhr)

orpheus moments
(2017) music theatre piece for four singers and eight instruments
cooperation with friederike blum (mise-en-scène), jakob boeckh (stage & video), and tassilo tesche (libretto)
approx. 20’00“
wp: 06/10/2017 (venice/italy)
score | recording available

music for j. t. [the navidson records]
(2015/16) music theatre piece for two tenors, women’s choir, recorder, oboe, piano, electric guitar, harp, percussion, cello, audio playback and live electronix
cooperation with till wyler von ballmoos, tassilo tesche, rosalba quindici and benedikt schiefer
music for j. t. #1: 29/05/2016 
for electric guitar, cello, harp, piano, virtual piano, and live electronix (12’00“) score | recording available
music for j. t. #1a: concerto grosso
for electric guitar, cello, piano, accompanying ensemble (flute, clarinet, viola, double bass), virtual piano, and live electronix (12’00“) score
music for j. t. #2: footnote
for tenor, percussion, playback, and live electronix (13’00“) recording available
music for j. t. #3: passacaglia 
for two tenors and electric guitar (12’00“)
music for j. t. #4: hollywood, 31/10/1998
for womens‘ choir, recorder, cello, and percussion (10’00“)
music for j. t. #5: appendix 
for oboe, two virtual oboes, playback, and live electronix (13’00“) score | recording available
music for j. t. #5a: hey, pelafina! for clarinet, two virtual clarinets, playback, and live electronix (13’00“)
total duration of „the navidson records“: 6 hours
wp: 29/05/2016 (munich)
commissioned by the state capital of munich

die irrfahrten des odysseus | the adventures of ulysses
(2015) music theatre piece with band (saxophone, keyboard, improv guitarist, improv drummer, improv bassist, female voice artist and live electronix)
cooperation with
approx. 90’00”
wp: 02/10/2015 (berlin)
commissioned by the deutsche oper berlin

(2015) for double bass player with stroboscope, gran cassa (optional), audio/video playback and live video
wp: 17/06/2015 (oberhausen)
comment (german) | recording available

der sinn und das aussehen | the meaning and the appearance
(2014) one-person music theatre piece for soprano performer with percussion instruments, objects, live electronix, audio/video playback and stroboscope
cooperation with rick reuther
approx. 35’00”
wp (excerpts): 08/052015 (aarhus/denmark)
wp (complete): 20/12/2015 (cologne)
score | recording available

hübner’s listening center
(2014) show with brass instruments, electronix and video playback
cooperation with paul hübner
45’00” or more
wp: 13/09/2014 (cologne)

gaming without money
(2014) interactive performance
cooperation with valérie kommer
approx. 15’00”
wp: 15/05/2014 (cologne)

(2012) music theatre piece for seven female singers, orchestra, video and audio playback
approx. 30’00”
wp: 05/07/2013 (aachen)
recording available (excerpts)